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Workshop 2020/Jan-1: Duo Aerial Hoop with Elliana Hentoff-Killian

$45 per classPurchase required to enroll
Duo Lyra Workshop: Or....One Hoop, Two Aerialists, And Enough Space Left Over To Keep Your Sanity Intact!

Want to try aerial duo work but apprehensive of getting thwacked by your lovely partner's perfectly pointed feet? Ever wondered how two aerialists fit on the lyra without one spilling over into the other's lap? Then this workshop is for you! In this introduction to duo lyra, students will learn how to mount the hoop with a partner, perform mirrored tricks, explore different vertical levels on the hoop, and execute traditional duo tricks such as hanging from the limbs of your partner. We will focus on how to enter and exit poses while still making plenty of room on the hoop and not knocking into to your fellow aerialists! Taught by Elliana Grace, a St. Louis based teaching artist and alumna of Ringling Brothers with 10+ of experience in duo lyra, @_elliana_grace_

Requirements: Ability to cleanly mount the lyra and some basic lyra vocabulary. (This should not be the first time you've ever gotten on a hoop.) No need to bring an assigned partner, but bring friends--the more, the merrier!