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FREE Youth Circus Taster Class (drop-in Youth Program)


Come visit us for a free youth taster class at Gravity Alternative Movement! Same-day sign-ups for fall session classes will be available at a 15% discount for new-to-Gravity students. Students will get a chance to try out a variety of aerial and ground acrobatics, and class is aimed at total beginners. Please make sure to check class titles carefully to make sure you are registering for the appropriate age group. The fall youth schedule will be available by the class date.

Please be aware that attendance is free, but no-shows or late cancellations will be charged $15. Because of this, you will be required to enter a credit card to register for class. This card will not be charged unless you incur a late-cancellation or no-show fee. You can un-register for class up to 24-hours in advance. Maximum 6 students per class, first-reserved, first-served. Please note, parents of youth under age 9 are required to stay in the building for the duration of class.

Please note that a signed waiver is required for all participants at Gravity Alternative Movement. Individuals aged less than 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. This means that the waiver must (a) be signed in advance online through the participant's Pike13 account or (b) signed in-person by a parent or guardian upon arrival to the first class. We will unfortunately have to decline the participation of any child who has arrived to class, does not have a signed waiver, and does not also have a legal parent or guardian present with them.

Attendees of ages below 9 must have a parent or guardian remain in the facility during the entire time of class (as required by our insurance policy).

Proper attire must be worn to classes. For aerial classes, clothing that provides free, unrestricted range of motion that will not displace when upside-down and are not easily pulled out of place. Clothing must also remain opaque when stretched. Clothing must also provide coverage for midsection, armpits, and backs of knees.

​A sports bra or dance belt, as appropriate, is strongly recommended as a supportive undergarment. Any foot coverings must be removable (socks are great, footed tights are not). Jewelry must be removable. Piercings must be either removable, covered by clothing, able to be covered by athletic tape (we have some at the studio) to prevent damage to the apparatus.

Clothing with zippers, buttons, or other hard pieces that may damage aerial apparatuses is strictly forbidden. Any student who arrives to class without proper attire may be denied participation in class without refund. ​Any cost of damages to aerial apparatuses due to improper attire will be passed onto the student who rendered it unusable (this costs upwards of $200).

You must abide by all studio policies during your classes at Gravity Alternative Movement. You can access them online on our website at www.gravityalternativemovement.com.
Cancellation policy New for Spring 2019: If you know you are going to not be able to make it to class within 48 hours in advance of class, email info@gravityalternativemovement.com to claim a makeup credit. Up to two complimentary makeup credits are allowed per session. Level 1 youth students can use their makeup credits to attend another level 1 youth class. Levels 2+ youth students can use their makeup credits to attend youth open practice or another youth class that is at their level or lower. Makeup credits expire 6 weeks after they are added to a student's account.