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Kinstretch 1: Fundamentals of Movement (drop-in, Adult Program)

No experience required! In Level 1 Kinstretch classes, we will focus on taking each joint through its full range of motion and using those rotations to maintain current ranges as well as learn ways to self-screen for impairments or limited ranges. Your joints need movement to stay nourished and healthy, so think of this as an opportunity to make sure each joint is getting the movement it needs. We will be able to spend some more time exploring specific ranges as requested, so each class will be a little different and catered to those in attendance. This class is appropriate for all levels, you can never be TOO GOOD at the basics!

For Winter session, there will be both a shoulder and a hip focused program offered at each class. This will allow for consistent dedicated mobility work on all the movements of those two joints. Students will have the option to pick either program at each class, as well as the ability to mix the two.

Please wear clothing that you feel comfortable in and do not restrict your range of motion.

You must abide by all studio policies during your classes at Gravity Alternative Movement. You can access them online on our website at www.gravityalternativemovement.com.